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By: No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Card

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Credit cards have revolutionized commerce. It has given the many consumers a convenient way of buying things most especially when buying things online or when travelling to a foreign place. For the weary traveler, no need to convert your money into local cash, just swipe what you ordered in the restaurant and continue sightseeing. That is why; many credit card companies are making plenty of offers just to catch the consumer’s eye most especially the No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Card.

Basically a foreign transaction fee is the charge or service fee the banks take from you when you purchase something outside your country or of another currency. This fee is about 2-3% added to your actual purchase price of an item. The problem is that as you keep on buying with the credit card, the surcharge just adds up making your bill bigger. That is why many credit card companies are offering the hassle free “Credit Card with no foreign transaction fee” which simply waives that surcharge leaving the customer something less to think about when they get their billing statement.

So what can I get from a card like this? One word – you get MORE. A credit card like this allows you to save more since you don’t have to pay extra for that darn foreign transaction fee. If you can save more, then you can buy more. With the savings that you get, you can purchase more items than before, which ultimately leads to more rewards. Lastly, the more you buy using your credit card, the more rewards you can get, which can be used to buy even more items.

However, there are credit companies that offer this kind of credit card and it can get overwhelming when these companies bombard you their advertising. Know the reputation of the company. Read testimonials, talk to friends and other customers, read up on reviews and details in the web; do what you can to find out about the credentials of the credit card company. The best things about getting a credit card are the countless offering the companies give to their patrons. Companies can go as far as giving the patron a free ticket whenever the card is used. So keep an eye out for these rewards and you can find out about them on many websites.

Lastly, determine what kind of credit card user are you. Are you the frequent flier or the frequent buyer? There are credit cards that have offers for those who are jet setters wherein they get miles every time they use their credit card and those miles can be converted to free flight. But that offer can be rather be meaningless for users that don’t plan on travelling but would much prefer to shop online. As opposed to cards wherein you earn reward points that can be converted to free stuff, an ideal card for frequent online shopper.

Credit cards are slowly getting incorporated into the wallets of many people. So the next time you decide to buy something abroad, always remember that you have rectangular friend in your pocket.


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